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Frequently Asked Questions

So, we can go to ANY dealer to buy our house?

Yes you can!  We believe in free enterprise, so we won't tell you who has to build your home for you!  Just be sure your dealer knows there are CCR's they must follow and plans/conceptual drawings will need to be submitted for our final review. 

Do we have to start construction right away?

No, but if you pull your permit quickly, you'll save yourself 6,000!!!   The City of Cottonwood is currently not charging an impact fee (Feb 2017).  Be sure to call or write them and thank them for making your move Cottonwood that much easier!  Those dollars can now be spent for YOUR new house, rather than new government buildings! Please check with the city for current fees.

Do we have to build a garage?

No, building a garage is not required.  A carport and storage shed may also be constructed as an alternative if you are looking to keep construction costs lower.

We would like to build a garage, but not right away.  Is that OK? 

Garage construction may be completed up to one year after occupancy.  Extensions of up to one additional year will be granted.

Does Mesquite Springs have a pool and clubhouse?

Mesquite Springs does not have these facilities on site, but the Cottonwood Recreational Center is less than one mile away!

What do the HOA fees cover?

The HOA fees cover grounds and common area maintenance throughout the neighborhood as well as ensuring all residences are well maintained.


     Mesquite Springs has one item nearly every buyer wants in the Verde Valley- VIEWS!  In addition to sites with fabulous Mingus Mountain and Red Rock Views,  Mesquite Springs is a fantastic place to watch fireworks in Cottonwood on the Fourth of July! 
     Mesquite Springs is also centrally located in the City of Cottonwood, and has convenient access to just about anything you need or want!  See how convenient living in Mesquite Springs could be, for work, or, for play!

An alL AGE ManufactureD Home community


Mesquite Springs, like many other new home communities throughout Arizona, fell victim to the housing bust.  By the time the developers had met all the hurdles and red tape in early 2007, the big chill had already fallen across what was once a red hot market.


After several years of unfortunate and tragic neglect, new developers purchased the remaining lots in the subdivision in February, 2013.  Immediate repairs  and rejuvenation of the existing facilities quickly restored the sense of small town community missing here for far too long..
In August 2013, Mesquite Springs received approval from the State of Arizona to begin selling lots and homes within the Mesquite Springs Subdivision.   The developers are long time residents of the Verde Valley, and are very excited to move the project forward into a strong, vibrant neighborhood, where folks from all walks of life will be proud and happy to call home! 


Pine Shadows Golf Course 2.21 mi
Verde Santa Fe Golf Course 5.56 mi
Jerome 8.75 mi
Uptown Sedona 21.1 mi
Cornville Wineries 7.11 mi
Cliff Castle Casino 21.6 mi
Flagstaff 51.2 mi
Prescott 54.2 mi
Phoenix 104 mi
Grand Canyon 152 mi

 Distance from Mesquite Springs To:

Verde Valley Medical Center 1.0 mi

Dr Daniel Bright School 1.49 mi

Cottonwood Elementary 1.38 mi

Phoenix Cement 4.38 mi

Old Town Cottonwood 1.94 mi

Cottonwood Rec Center/ Library 1.0 mi

Grocery Store 1.1 mi

Home Depot 1.83 mi

Wal-Mart 2.53 mi

Dead Horse State Park 3.57 mi